Thank you for your ...

Thank you for your interest in Aquarocks!!!  


I appreciate the opportunity to share my works through this forum ! I started Aquarocks with a simple need for my personal reef tank a couple years back  never knowing or expecting it to be what it has grown to today ... As an artistic person who always has the need to create, i enjoy brainstorming with customers on ideas for their own aquascapes for custom works , as well as directing people to some previous designs I’ve made that can be tailored to their own specific needs . I have a standard product line of magnetic coral displays cast from molds and each piece i create is hand painted . All of my products are formulated and tested for underwater habitat use and  i use sealed neomydium magnets for my cast magnetic shelves.  I’m always creating and sharing new works through my facebook page, feel free to check me out ! 

Thank you 

Lee Bauer 

Artist/owner : Aquarocks 

Posted : October 2, 2019 7:21 AM