We are the bastard children from Facebook groups. Facebook started to police their groups that sold live animals (corals in our case) and started to shut them down if they got caught selling live animals. So we decided to get a bunch of reputable coral vendors and give you a one stop shop for all of your auctions and buy now needs.

Its just like eBay! First register for an account, its free and easy to do. When your account is created you can begin to bid on products or just fill your cart with buy now products!

  • When you see a product that's displayed on the website with this icon and has underneath it that's an Auction product.
  • When the product has underneath it, that's a Buy Now product and its available to buy without the need of any bids.
  • If you see a product with on the left hand corner then this product is at a lower price than previously posted and can be bought right away.

Each vendor has set their own shipping fees. Site wide default shipping cost is $45, so make sure you buy lots of corals from one vendor to take advantage of this. Some vendors will have lower shipping fees based on where the vendor is located and where is being shipped, below is an example:

You buy from a vendor that lives in Massachusetts and you live in Rhode Island, that vendor has his shipping rates set lower. In this example you will pay $25 for shipping, instead of the default $45. In some cases some vendors will have local pickup available based on three things. 

  1. Same state as the vendor
  2. Same city as the vendor
  3. Same zip code

Local pick up should be arranged with the vendor, in some cases you could ask the vendor if she or he is willing to do a local pick up and you live in a different state and you are willing to take a drive.

Site wide free shipping on orders over $300 per individual vendor. You will need to order $300 or more from one vendor. This will not work when buying from multiple vendors.

Each vendor will have multiple ways of communication between them and the costumer. one way is the forums and the other is located with in the vendor store page and product pages.

In the vendor store page you will see the following:

  • Chat Now
  • Inquiry

And if you are viewing a product you will see the following:

  • Ask a question
  • Chat Now

Please note that Chat Now is always there but a vendor may not be present to chat with you live, to know if the vendor is online you will see a green dot like this , this will indicate that the vendor is online and can answer your questions live.

Our site has a store wide policy on DOA live stock. this policy will vary for each vendor but it is always the same. You will have a time frame to submit for a DOA claim to receive store credit from that vendor. You must adhere to that vendors DOA policy that can be found in their vendor store profiles. If you see that a vendor does not have a clear DOA policy posted on their profile, you should contact us immediately.

To become a vendor you must first apply by filling out our vendor application form. Submitting the form does not gurantee you a vendor spot. You must first accept the vendor aggrement and then you will be contacted by one of our admins to continue the application process.

We only accept PayPal, trusted, secure, safe.